Journeys of discovery

In any design and innovation endeavour it’s not the process, it’s the journey that counts. Much like in art, the process of design is a process of discovery. As such it is impossible to pre-establish what that process might look like as it is actually happening. The journey takes shape as it unfolds, surprising even those within the process with its transformational capacity: of the way we do things, the way we learn, and the way things turn out.

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Change Ahead: How Research and Design are Transforming Business Strategy

September 28th 2015. From today Change Ahead is available!
Change Ahead was born out of a need to link strategy, research and design. We are still too fixed on industrialist thinking, working in separate silos and different functionalities. As we move into a new era of creative empowerment the need to integrate our skills is greater than ever, and necessary to face the challenge of all kinds of change ahead.
This book introduces the need for an adventurous, explorative mindset in order to grow businesses that last by creating meaning and relevance with and for people. It explores the emerging practices at the intersection of business strategy, research and design.

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How design thinking brings purposeful fluidity

Design thinking is all about a mindset, methods for design thinking are no more and no less than tools to aid the process of flexibly learning and creating as you go. Having a clear goal at the start of a project gives it purpose, having a set of tools to work with what emerges make it fluid and adaptable.

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Service design and the art of noticing

service design, observation, improvements not problems

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Change, transformation and a new workspace

We’ve moved into our new creative workspace in the heart of Utrecht!!

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Stuck in transition, what business can learn from design

The business world is shifting away from the industrialist high-control systems where speed to market and efficiency called the shots. In an ever more connected world we are seeing empowerment and trust become new buzzwords.

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